Lunes, Disyembre 12, 2011

Quality Wooden Day Beds made to Order

Choose your designs now for quality wooden beds made to order. We sell wide selections of double beds,day beds and family bed designs.

We actually sell more wooden day beds than any other type. We believe of course that it is because we have the best range of wooden day beds made to order. Wooden day beds are very flexible when it comes to matching different styles of decor which makes them very popular for people who may at some stage want to change the way that their bedroom looks without actually changing their bed.

Price range is from 5000php-6500php depending on its dimensions. Foam is not included.

Panel Doors Designs

You may choose your Panel door designs here. We can ensure to provide you quality doors and modify the type of wood to use.

This is the numerous designs we have been working since we started presenting panel doors and a selections of most of our customers. You can bring your designs desired when you visit our shop. Panel doors price range for Gemilina wood is 2500php-3000php. For lawaan wood is 2800php-3300php and for Tugas wood is 5000php-6000php.

You can visit our shop in Vamenta Carmen for some haggle concern. We are here to provide quality works and we will try to fit in to your budget.

Furniture Shop Locations and Services Offered

Furniture Makers in Cagayan de Oro City. We are situated in Vamenta Carmen,Cagayan de Oro City, infront of Ororama Back entrance. Our shop existed for twelve years now. We started as selling variety of lumbers and decided to expand our business as Furniture makers.

We have been supplying furnitures particularly panel doors and door jambs to several subdivisions such as Sta.Barbara in Kauswagan,Cagayan de Oro City, Pueblo de Oro, Xavier heights and some other subdivisions  Cagayan de Oro City. We have also supply numbers of doors in  Queensland situated in Hi-way NHA.

We offer much lesser price compared to other furniture makers in Cagayan de Oro. We always ensure quality work because quantity of orders matter most and network of customers around our local place. We can modify your orders through making your own design and its dimensions and you can choose what type of wood to use.

We are made to order shop but we are planning to expand our business by next year for a display center.As of now, we cater made to order. If this interest you, you can visit our shop in Vamenta Carmen or you may call 858-1909/ 09154519437/09166644805 and look for Wilma Estrella for your inquiries.